Android: How to click the element that contains multiple TextView

I have multiple elements on a screen. See the photo attached

Each appointment can have the same date but different types(billable, non-billable), times, etc. Date, time, type, and other fields have the same class as a TextView, or the same id such as appointment_date or appointment_type.

Question: how can I click on specific appointment by choosing two textview values out of 6?

Hi. not sure I understood your question properly but in anyway, you need to find a common locator(id, classChain etc…) for the appointments (you can ask your iOS developers to provide you with ids from their mobile code - accessibilityIdentifier in swift).
then you can find all elements(with .findElements(byLocator)) by a common locator (specific for them so you won’t find something else on the screen) - put them into a List and loop through them until you find an element with your desired date/time or a specific combination as your wish. - it might be time consuming if you have a lot of elements.

another way, is to use a complex xpath locator to define a specific element by its value/a combination of them. you can get to your specific TestView and with xpath go “backward” to its parents - not recommended but sometimes there is not much choice…

but I bet you can get to the element/s without asking for specific ids, try to be creative :upside_down_face:

you should execute in loop:

List<WebElement> calendarItems; // find item in way you know

String typeTxt, timeTxt;
foreach(WebElement item : calendarItems) {
  typeTxt = item.findElement("yourTypeElementID")).getText();
  timeTxt = item.findElement("yourTimeElementID")).getText();
  if (typeTxt.equals("YourTypeNeeded") && timeTxt.equals("YourTimeNeeded")) {
    tap(item); // item found now tap on it in any way you know