[Android] How to remove Google accounts linked a device on setting activity

Hi, I’m Lee.

I need some helps, and any ideas.

(First of all, Sorry to poor English.)

I’m testing some applications from several devices. The app connect with device using account(Google+) on start.

My goal is remove the account when the test ends.

  1. remove account.db file.
    => I don’t want to use rooted device.

  2. create scripts using UI Searching by webdriver.
    => I think UI of devices are different(manufacturer, api level,)

I want to make a script to remove account related with device. and going well on any devices.

Are there anyone who have a solution? or think about this?

Thank you. Have a nice day.

I do more iOS work than Android but couldn’t you do this with an adb command? Something like:

adb shell pm remove-user <USER_ID>

See here for more info:


Hi Wreed.

Appreciate you for help.

But It’s not my purpose actually.

I want to remove Google Account in Settings menu.