Android: Is any way to open notification status bar on real phone?

need to tap on notification received by client.

tried on real device with android 4.4.2:

  1. driver.openNotifications() right after client start = no any visible affect on phone happened.
  2. tried to close client -> start native activity ( = error happens
  3. tried to close client and get PageSource in hope of getting control here = operation fails with “An unknown server-side error occurred while processing the command.”,“origValue”:“Tried to send command to non-existent Android device, maybe it shut down?”

any way?

driver.openNotifications() should work. Try calling it a few seconds after the app starts.

i found the issue.

when app is running in foreground “openNotifications” opening notifications in background of app (after closing app opened notifications are visible.).

when send app into background and do “openNotifications” - notifications opening correctly and visible.

tested with two real devices: Nexus7, LG G2.

Cool. Can you post a bug on the github repo? Thanks