Android Notification

I am browsing through Notifications in Android phone and want to verify whether my app is existing in the notification panel. Then verify whether the time and expand button exists if so click on expand button and there is a stop button available and click on it. I used following-sibling but its not working on the time and expand button. Any support on how can i Implement it ?
private static final String APP_NOTIFICATION_HEADER =
“//[@resource-id=‘android:id/notification_header’]/[contains(@text, ‘APP NAME’)]”;
@AndroidFindBy(xpath = APP_NOTIFICATION_HEADER+ “/following-sibling::[@resource-id=‘android:id/time’]")
private MobileElement time;
@AndroidFindBy(xpath = APP_NOTIFICATION_HEADER + "/following-sibling::
private MobileElement expandBtn;

for e.g i am attaching the screenshot of appium settings.