Android nougat appium automation

Hi All,

I have updated my android device to Nougat and after that I am not bale to run my scripts. The scripts hangs when appium trying to find element by Xpath or execute pageSource command. Currently I am having appium version of 1.4.16 and there is no option to select Platform version of Nougat (API Level 24 or higher).

Please let me know how I can upgrade my appium version.

While it may be painful, I’d recommend a switch to 1.6.3 or later. We had Nougat working with 1.4.13 and 1.4.16, but we had to hack the Appium code to get it to work and it was not a tenable solution. That being said, the problems we had with N are not similar to those you are experiencing, so your mileage may vary