Android Ruby - scroll_to doesn't find half of the elements on screen

Hey all!

On my current project we just switched to appium.
I find the scroll_to method very handy only it doesn’t work properly (or I am doing something wrong).
For some reason it doesn’t find half of the elements on screen based on the text. All of the elements I am looking for are from the same class: checkedTextView.

I’ve investigated using appium inspector, uiautomatorviewer and the console and there is no difference between the elements besides the text (which I have checked numerous times to make sure) and he keeps always finding the same elements (which is good) but he never finds the other set :s. I’ve tried working with parts of the text but that doesn’t help either.

During the scrolling he passes the items leaving them in plain sight but appium just doesn’t find/see it. Appium sometimes passes it 2 or 3 times without ever capturing it.

I’m trying to do this with the console at the moment and I use the basic command like this:

  • The page is native Android
  • using genymotion simulator
  • no difference between the elements I do find and the ones I don’t (except for the text)
  • appium version: 1.5.3
  • ruby version : 2.3.0

Any help is appreciated because I’m out of ideas. :slight_smile: