Android Sauce: ERROR user closed connection

HI guys,
I’m having a tizzy of a time trying to figure out why my appium script won’t run on the Android emulators using SauceLabs. I put in a ticket already but not sure if anyone ran into the same problem.

*Ruby/Cucumber framework
*Same script works fine on appium 1.2 here on my machine with a) real device; b) emulator

Same Script on Sauce, I received the error:
using: “xpath”
value: “//android.widget.LinearLayout[2]/android.widget.RelativeLayout[1]/android.widget.FrameLayout[1]”
=> “ERROR user closed connection while waiting for command to complete”

Desired capabilities below:
Any help most useful. Sauce credentials x’ed out intentionally
Thanks! Eric

appiumVersion = “1.2.2”
browserName = “”
platformName = “Android”
platformVersion = “4.4”
deviceName = “Android Emulator”
deviceType = “phone”
app = “”
name = “Fixed apk test 30”
appPackage = “”
appActivity = ".learn.navigation.activity.NavigationActivity "

sauce_username = “xxxx”
sauce_access_key = “xxxxx”

Hmm, maybe your test runner is hitting some timeout?
You can try getting the page source on Sauce and comparing it to your own, just to make sure the same elements are visible.

Hi Jonah,
My Appium on my local machine was 1.1. The script called for 1.2.2

The xpath was different between the two versions

I’ll have to figure out why later but at least that Mystery is solved.


Yeah xpath changed between those versions. It’s much more stable now.