Android: send_keys selects all and sends new value with previous one

I have a view with 3 text fields. All of them have some value.
When I send_keys to these fields, appium selects current value, clears the field and pastes new values with previous one. I mean:
Previous: One
New: Two
Actual result: OneTwo

Is that expected? Can I just insert new text?
Appium 1.6.4 (appium-desktop-Setup-1.0.2-beta.2)
find_element(id: “activity_bot_edit_last_name”).click
find_element(id: “activity_bot_edit_last_name”).send_keys(new_last_name)

forget about sendKeys and use:

((AndroidElement) el).replaceValue(text);
((AndroidElement) el).setValue(text);

Hi Aleksei,
For both I get “undefined method”
I’m using Appium+Cucumber+Ruby

increase your java-client version :slight_smile: use latest! mine: 5.0.0-BETA8

… and move to v1.6.5-beta for Appium

He his using ruby…

I think you have command:

set_immediate_value(elem, message)
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Thanks a lot! I thought I saw somewhere info that clear() is not used amymore… strange.
But everything works fine.
Thanks again