Android Studio, Eclipse and Appium

7 Days of trying to get a click to appear on an android device, using the appium java client.
I have followed 5 guides, various resources and cant get anything working.

The steps are as follows
Create new project,
add libs to folder, import to library, rebuild. create class with test.

If you can direct me to a 100 percent working guide id appreciate it.
i currently use adb and bat files but appium seems to be a better fit for my test case yet its starting to feel beyond me.

I am an amateur, but can follow explicit instructions.
I have posted various specific questions to no answer, so i have reninstalled everything and ready to start from scratch, down the rabbit hole i go, hopefully day 8 more success.

I have tried the working examples from github, and followed the appium pro guide also.
I am looking for a kick in the correct direction, because im just kicking myself at this point,

More details about your scenario will definitely be necessary.

  • You’re creating a project. What sort of project is this? Is this a stand-alone test project, or are you developing an Android application with associated tests?
  • Are you trying to interact with an Android application, or just the Chrome browser on Android?
  • What is the result of your current attempt? Do you get a specific failure, or do you just not see anything happen on your target device?