Android TV Automation using appium

The problem

I am trying to automate the app on Android TV.As per the different articles Android TV app automation differs from Android mobile app automation essentially as Android TVs mostly don’t have touchscreen, so you won’t be able to click on components like on Android mobile apps. But we can emulate far flung controller utilization via issuing ADB instructions for instance “adb shell enter keyevent KEYCODE_DPAD_DOWN”.

Is this the only approach for Android TV Automation using appium or we can perform click events using appium on Android TV app as well?


  • Appium version : 1-17-0
  • Desktop OS/version used to run Appium: MAC
  • Node.js version (exe): 12.16.2
  • Npm or Yarn package manager: npm
  • Mobile platform/version under test: Android TV
  • Real device or emulator/simulator: Real Device
  • Appium CLI or|exe: Appium CLI
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did you automated android tv?

I’d be interested to know as well. I assume just give things a try to see what works and not?