Android video full screen mode info screen

Hi there,
I am creating tests for a mobile video streaming app, using the SauceLabs real devices. When the app opens a full-screen player, the Android system sometimes displays an info screen about navigation.

And here is the issue. The info screen occurs in the two versions:

  1. arrow element with id: image_arrow_rot270
  2. arrow element with id: image_arrow_rot90

The first one (image_arrow_rot270) works fine, I just swipe the arrow to close the screen. But the second one (image_arrow_rot90) does not react to any swipe, tap, or click. I am just not able to close the info screen with the image_arrow_rot90 arrow.

Does anyone have an idea of how to deal with it?

(Technologies: java, appium, selenium)

Try on similar real device where problem happens. Much easier to inverstigate.

Enable on phone in developer menu show touches. Helps visially check where tap happens.

Thank you for your response, but the issue occurs only on some Android devices. I don’t have physically such a device.

I am able to remotely use SauceLabs real devices using Appium Inspector and I do. But there also is the same issue with the screen with the 90 degrees rotation. It does not react to any swipe or tap.

I’ve reported the issue to SauceLabs support, but they responded that this is on the Android side and there is nothing they can do.

Also, I set the appium:autoGrantPermissions capability as true but this has no effect on the mentioned screen.

You see. Possible SauceLabs will suggest or fix…