AndroidDriver cannot be resolved as a type


While instantiate WebDriver object using AndroidDriver, it is saying, “AndroidDriver cannot be resolved as a type”. I am using a maven project to execute the scripts with Appium 5.0.0-BETA 8. However this si working fine with 4.1.2


java client build version : 5.0.0-BETA-8
Appium server version : 1.6.4
Desktop OS/version : Win 10
Mobile platform/version : Android/4.4.4
Real device or emulator/simulator: Emulator (Genymotion)

Code To Reproduce Issue


github issue

there is no import in your code:


With this import statement also, it is giving the issue. It is kind on unable to identify this class from the jar

in your code editor click on “new AndroidDriver” and check that it will open appium java-client file.

No, it’s not. I even tried adding import*; but no luck.
However I am not getting this issue with lower versions of appium-java-client i.e. 4.1.2 and even for 5.0.0-BETA7

and where does it androdDriver pointing to?