Any advice on onboarding other developers with appium

Does anyone have any good experience with getting developers/QA acquainted with a already pre-built appium project? I ask because Ive gone through the pain myself getting a project built and a number of smoke tests running successfully but I can’t convince the devs to help and contribute and it seems too complex for the QA guys to grasp. It’s so frustrating. All the stuff you need install first time is such a head ache for people it seems. I put the steps in the readme of the project and people still feel like it’s just not worth it :frowning:

Anybody else have experiences like this with your team members with getting them to start developing with appium?

What this says to me is that you are trying to get people to do automation in addition to their already difficult workweek. Have you (or your company) thought about hiring a QE whose responsibility is automation?

I feel like too many times automation is tacked onto the already existing work, which is already hard to complete, so they don’t want to do it. And it’s completely understandable.

That said, I onboarded 3 manual testers in our group last week for automation. I told them specifically that it would enhance their careers to have some automation on their resumes, and a programming language as well. Some people will never care about this, but if you find one who does, it’s a win-win situation. We are not even expecting these people to contribute (much) but having them just run automation during their testing will ease their schedules, and by leveraging their expertise in both testing and our products we can improve all around.

Good luck!

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  1. you code and project should be rock solid and stable
  2. you should have human reading errors like Login screen NOT loaded or Login button NOT found. not stack trace in code line.
  3. you should have video of test. even successful. it really helps to understand better in some hard cases or just take back in history how it was 1-3 months ago.
  4. you should provide not tests only but useful for everyone jobs like: create account, add money to user, add debit card, remove card, change user data and so on…
  5. in many cases even all above does not help and people lazy even to check results of run.
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