Apiumstudio - ios - unable to run commands in appiumstudio

I am trying to run scripts towards real devices and below are the steps which I followed for the same

1.I installed appiumstudio in my windows machine 2.Created some sample script using NATIVE_APP 3.I tried running the script towards android and ios 4.For Android it works fine, but for ios it gives element not found issue 5.I am able spy all the native elements and tried adding the command from spy window, the command looks as below appium script

7.but when I run the same command it fails

I am able to spy the objects and add them to the script but why does the script fail when I try to run the same command from appiumstudio

I was able to figure out the issue some how. But I have not got any solution.
When I use appiumstudio spy I am able to identify all required objects clearly, but when I tried retrieving the objects from page source during execution these objects are not available

don’t know why this is happening