.apk file can not be pulled using adb pull command from terminal

Hi All,

I have automated my customer app for android device successfully before 3 months. Now some one have updated the Android version deleted the app installed in the device.

So I was trying to pull the apk files from device to MAC using adb pull command, I am getting the below error.
I dont know what to do. Please help me to resolve this problem.

DTS-Mini:~ automation$ adb pull /data/app/com.homeserve.androidapp-2/base.apk /Users/automation/Desktop/APK
adb: error: failed to copy ‘/data/app/com.homeserve.androidapp-2/base.apk’ to ‘/Users/automation/Desktop/APK/base.apk’: remote open failed: Permission denied


Note that you may need to root the device to do this.

Thanks wreed. I was browsing this pages. I could not understand anything from there. Where I need to start and where I need to complete. Totally confused.

If you dont mind, could you please explain me step by step how to resolve this issue.

I dont know about rooting the device. Previously it was working fine with the same device. Today only i reset the device as i couldn’t download the build to install in my device.

You are getting permissions errors. The links provided have many solutions, some of which will only work on a rooted device.

I could be wrong about this but I think that later versions of Android have tightened up security/permissions. Just because it worked one way with an earlier version of Android does not mean it will work in the same way with whatever the new version is.

There are several step by step procedures on those links. Did you try any of them? When you say you are totally confused but don’t seem to be trying anything I am not confident that I can help you.

So my best advice would be to pick the first link and try the solutions provided. If you are confused about a certain point, post here, but try the next solution. If something did not work, post here also, but try the next solution. If you do post, please provide details as to what you are doing.

Google “Android Apk Extractor” It’s a free app

Thanks willosser. I used it and it is successful…