APK is changed by Appium when installing


After some debugging, i’ve discovered that when installing my APK by Appium, the APK’s hash is different and some new bugs started happening.

Do Appium do anything to the APK?

My APP was not running as it should, and the bugs would not reproduce after ADB installing the app.
I’ve noticed it happens only after Appium runs, and then I’ve checked my MD5 befor and after running the server.
After running Appium server, my original APK was “blessed” with some new bugs and a new MD5…
To run my original APK (that works just fine) i need to re-copy it every time from a safe folder to it’s folder that Appium is using.

What is going on?

Appium resigns your apk unless you tell it otherwise

Set the noSign capability to true to avoid this.

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Thanks, that was it.