App can't be blank


what I want?
To automate Installed App on Android Emulator

OS: Linux Mint

All sdk/java/android paths are correct

  1. I create Emulator
    $ avdmanager create avd --name android33 --package “system-images;android-33;google_apis_playstore;x86_64”

  2. run Emulator
    $ emulator -avd android33

$ adb devices
output: emulator-5554 device

  1. Run Appium Server
    $ appium

  2. Then Run Appium Inspector and try to create session

i have one problem while creating a session in Appium Inspector (photo) and I dont know how to solve it. I dont want run my own app, I just want to automate already installed apps from play store on emulator. Can anyone say me how to solve this problem?

I add field appPackage and appActivity and run this app in emulator before but problem is same

you should provide app which need to use OR if it installed package and startActivity

You should add two capabilities: appPackage, and appActivity.

This is a good article that explains how to get the values for these (and use them in Appium) for whatever app you want to automate:

hi, i do it later, same problem

It is a bug. It should be fixed after is published in the next driver version.

I fix it, thanks a lot

Hi Randy, Am facing the same error “Failed to create session. A new session could not be created. Details: ‘app’ can’t be blank”
How did you fix this problem?

It is a regression issue. Should be fixed in driver version 2.31.3+

Hi Mykola,
Currently what is the workaround? To avoid this problem?

install nvm


echo ‘y’ | nvm install 16.20.2 -y;
npm i --location=global appium;
appium driver install uiautomator2;