App not loading on appium desktop

I want to open my App on Appium Desktop in order to get UI element structure,
But app not loading on appium desktop and getting log errors as

[RemoteDebugger] Error checking application: ‘Empty page dictionary received’. Retrying connection

Calling AppiumDriver.getScreenshot() with args: [“8d033c83-64c8-4b10-8524-d763ede33973”]

[XCUITest] Executing command ‘getScreenshot’

[XCUITest] Taking screenshot with WDA

[WD Proxy] Matched ‘/screenshot’ to command name ‘getScreenshot’

[WD Proxy] Proxying [GET /screenshot] to [GET] with no body

[WD Proxy] Got response with status 500: {“value”:{“error”:“unable to capture screen”,“message”:“A screen capture was made impossible”,“traceback”:""},“sessionId”:“287BEDEF-D154-46DD-8C77-F06514639533”}

[W3C] Matched W3C error code ‘unable to capture screen’ to UnableToCaptureScreen

[XCUITest] Error getting screenshot: A screen capture was made impossible

[XCUITest] Taking screenshot with WDA

Any idea why getting this screen

I get the same now as I recently updated to iOS 15. Is any of this the same for you?

Update appium version to 1.22 and Xcode to 13
It worked for me