I am trying to use APP_PACKAGE​ and APP_ACTIVITY to start an android app installed on the device. But it looks like Appium is no longer supporting these​ methods. I am using Appium v1.5.3 in Mac machine. Are there any alternatives for this.



they changed place, now they are inside AndroidMobileCapabilityType:

DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities();
capabilities.setCapability(AndroidMobileCapabilityType.APP_ACTIVITY, YOUR_ANDROID_ACTIVITY);

Complete list:

public interface AndroidMobileCapabilityType extends CapabilityType {
    String APP_ACTIVITY = "appActivity";
    String APP_PACKAGE = "appPackage";
    String APP_WAIT_ACTIVITY = "appWaitActivity";
    String APP_WAIT_PACKAGE = "appWaitPackage";
    String DEVICE_READY_TIMEOUT = "deviceReadyTimeout";
    String ANDROID_COVERAGE = "androidCoverage";
    String ENABLE_PERFORMANCE_LOGGING = "enablePerformanceLogging";
    String ANDROID_DEVICE_READY_TIMEOUT = "androidDeviceReadyTimeout";
    String ADB_PORT = "adbPort";
    String ANDROID_DEVICE_SOCKET = "androidDeviceSocket";
    String AVD = "avd";
    String AVD_LAUNCH_TIMEOUT = "avdLaunchTimeout";
    String AVD_READY_TIMEOUT = "avdReadyTimeout";
    String AVD_ARGS = "avdArgs";
    String USE_KEYSTORE = "useKeystore";
    String KEYSTORE_PATH = "keystorePath";
    String KEYSTORE_PASSWORD = "keystorePassword";
    String KEY_ALIAS = "keyAlias";
    String KEY_PASSWORD = "keyPassword";
    String CHROMEDRIVER_EXECUTABLE = "chromedriverExecutable";
    String AUTO_WEBVIEW_TIMEOUT = "autoWebviewTimeout";
    String INTENT_ACTION = "intentAction";
    String INTENT_CATEGORY = "intentCategory";
    String INTENT_FLAGS = "intentFlags";
    String OPTIONAL_INTENT_ARGUMENTS = "optionalIntentArguments";
    String DONT_STOP_APP_ON_RESET = "dontStopAppOnReset";
    String UNICODE_KEYBOARD = "unicodeKeyboard";
    String RESET_KEYBOARD = "resetKeyboard";
    String NO_SIGN = "noSign";
    String IGNORE_UNIMPORTANT_VIEWS = "ignoreUnimportantViews";
    String DISABLE_ANDROID_WATCHERS = "disableAndroidWatchers";
    String CHROME_OPTIONS = "chromeOptions";
    String RECREATE_CHROME_DRIVER_SESSIONS = "recreateChromeDriverSessions";
    String SELENDROID_PORT = "selendroidPort";
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