Appium 1.3.1, xcode 6.1, iOS 8.1 app cannot be fully loaded through Appium inspector

I could load our iOS 8.1 app fine with iPhone 6 simulator.

But if launch it via Appium 1.3.1 inspector, looks like the app in simulator is not fully loaded… it will show the spinning icon right next to the WIFI icon. and nothing is clickable on simulator.

And from the inspector, it only shows 1 empty UIAApplication element:

type: UIAApplication
enabled: false
visible: false
valid: false
location: {0, 0}
size: {0, 0}
xpath: //UIAApplication[1]

Any idea what’s going wrong here? many thanks!

Check, what driver.page_source() gives you. And also, is it native, hybrid or web app?

Thank you for helping here! The problem turns out to be the app log is too big, and it crushes app loading through appium. I figured it out by looking at the simulator log. And once I built a special app (turn off all the logging), the issue is gone. Thanks!