Appium 1.3.3 Released

1.3.3 Available

We’re pleased to make 1.3.3. If you’re wondering what happened to 1.3.2, we skipped due to a conflict with npm.

Thanks in advance to our awesome community!


npm install -g [email protected]

Changes (from 1.3.1)


  • fix several internal Appium tests
  • add a sendKeyStrategy capability to allow testers to enable less reliable, but faster sendKey method
  • add handling for safeRimRafSync ENOENT mesages
  • clean up sessions when session clobbering enabled
  • fix stripping log colors on --stripColors
  • create system logs file before tailing it


  • fix issue where driver.current_context is null for native app context
  • fix bug that prevents closing tabs in Safari
  • fix log capture when Appium starts a simulator for the first time
  • add OSX 10.10 and iOS8 support for Appium Doctor
  • fix inability to open Safari on a real device


  • fix arg and cap parsing when passing arguments to adb
  • add support for passing elements as targets for swipe actions
  • correctly calculate relative position of swipe targets
  • ensure ChromeDriver instances are properly terminated
  • fix appPackage parsing error with overlapping namespaces
  • fix TouchAction release bug when released element is not valid
  • ensure logcat correctly appended to command string


  • add comment to caps page, and to running tests page, to note the need for a period before an activity

@0x1mason how to upgrade from appium 1.3.1 already installed on
my computer windows 7 to appium 1.3.2 beta 2 with ?

Unzip the source. Run:

node /path/to/root/lib/server/main.js [options]

How to upgrade from Appium 1.3.1 to Appium 1.3.3 for IOS. Can you please proved me the steps.


npm update appium

or you can uninstall it and the install again:

npm uninstall appium && npm install -g appium

I got an error when run the installation command
stack Error: EACCES, mkdir '/usr/local/lib/node_modules/appium

Where can i find *.dmg file ?

Where can I find .dmg file to upgrade to Appium 1.3.3

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There’s no dmg for Appium server. If you’re looking for, it’s maintained separately: As of Nov 21, there is no 1.3.3 version.

when will the for v1.3.3 be available?

Will there still be recompiled versions available for windows and mac, or should all users not move to use nmp?

Can anyone please tell me that Appium 1.3.3. is compatible with xcode 5.1.1 or not
Thanks in advance

No it wont work use xcode 6.1

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Thanks @Nischal_Sinha

Is there any documents for compatibility like
If I have appium 1.3.+
then I have to use Xcode=?
and iOS =?