Appium 1.3.3 sendKeys() not working properly

The sendKeys() command in Appium 1.3.3 is overwriting the password in username field using the code below:

private WebElement usernameFeild;

private WebElement passwordFeild;

private WebElement signInButton;

public void typeUsername(String username) throws Throwable {

public void typePassword(String password) throws Throwable {


I’m testing on Nexus 7:
appium-version = 1.3.3
platformName = Android
platformVersion = 4.4
deviceName = android

I am facing the same issue form long time . Still not fixed in latest version 1.3.4 version . If more than two text fields are there then sendkeys is not able to send any text in to Edit text field.

Please fix this issue. Request to appium developers.

Thanks in advance…

I have checked with the 1.3.4 beta version but still the issue exists.

use final version and before sending text to field perform click on that field then use sendkeys

For ex:;

how did you get the final version

Final version in the sense get it the Appium 1.3.4 from git hub not appium beta