Appium 1.3.5 Release

We’re pleased to announce Appium 1.3.5 is available for download.



  • fix for a bug when driver.get() never returns for page with alert.
  • iOS 8.2 support.
  • fixed safari startup crashes.
  • ensure Appium drops into the right continuation cb when selecting hybrid contexts.


  • now finds the location of adb earlier.
  • ensure encoding stream in Bootstrap.jar closes correctly.
  • add workaround for issue where UiAUtomator fails to find visible elements.
  • fixed undefined member error for the release object.
  • add a delete key test.


  • upgrade to Selendroid 0.13.0.

You can install by running the following npm command:
npm install [-g] [email protected]

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Where is the new Release posted? I went in and downloaded appium from home page of The version I got was


You’ll need to install the new Appium version using NPM. If you’re looking for the GUI versions, they’re maintained separately. You can check and to track the status.

not clear how it was released when below mentioned that 2 issues not fixed BUT in release notes here said that fixed?

The milestones are behind. I will update them.

Can anyone help me to automate below scenario

while playing video in my app i have to receive phone call or message.

Thanks in advance

You may want to post this in the main forum where it will get more views.

Thank you i would do that