Appium 1.3 beta works slowly with simulator (iOS 8)

Is there any possibility to increase the speed of tests running on iOS 8 simulator (with Appium 1.3 beta running from ios8 branch)? The speed of tests is dramatically decreased after updating iOS Simulator and Appium versions.
I’ve noticed the following entry in the output log:

warn: Your version of xcode and ios sdk do not support instruments-without-delay. Test execution will proceed more slowly

Is it can be somehow fixed? Or does this issue have any workaround?
I really appreciate any help! Thanks in advance!

HI @ndegtiareva,

Did you find a way to fix this? I have tried many ways but got no luck for this issue :frowning:

Unfortunately, no. So far nothing has helped me.

Is there anyone could help us on this?

It is really frustrating to wait for 1 second each time Appium send a command to instrument. It keeps my tests running forever :frowning:


pls tell us if with 1.3 full release , it will be faster on simulator . Its frustrating :frowning: