Appium 1.4.0-beta Release

We are excited to announce Appium 1.4.0-beta release and it is now available for download here. Please let us know if you find regression issues with this particular release we would be happy to fix it and get it resolved in 1.4.0.

Changes in this release are:


  • fix for broken ./ --dev due broken UICatalog build package in sample-code submodule
  • fix for issues with cookie encoding
  • updated sample code
  • updated documentation
  • updated test suite


  • Support for iOS 8.3
  • fix for issues relating to finding xcode folder
  • new sever flag --instruments <path> to specify custom path to instruments commandLine tool
  • fix for getOrientation
  • fix for iOS crash log retrieval


  • fix for killing chromedriver on windows
  • fix for parsing java version correctly
  • support for searching elements by id without passing package name
  • requesting capabilities from server now returns correct deviceName and platformVersion for Android
  • fix for scrollTo
  • new capability disableAndroidWatchers
  • deprecated capability stopAppOnReset
  • new capability dontStopAppOnReset


  • Support for installApp, isAppInstalled and removeApp


  • Chormedriver version updated to 2.15
  • fix for driver.quit()


  • fix for handling real device object
  • fix for safariAllowPopups for iOS 8.x

When will 1.4.0 be available?

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One of my team members tested 1.4.0-beta against Saucelabs and found a regression.

Can you please check if this ( was included in 1.4.0-beta?

How to install 1.4.0-beta on windows ?

@Neto18 Isn’t this available by git cloning?

@jwagun I also wanted to know about the no-beta version :grin:

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We’re planning on releasing the non-beta version this week!
Thanks to all who are trying the Beta version, some bugs were caught. Now we can fix those prior to releasing 1.4

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Could you file an issue in the appium repo for the regression @David_Chang ? Thanks!

Since a long time, I am waiting for a support to inspect elements of autocomplete text view in android

When can I expect that…

Hey, thanks,
Where can I find the installer for this new version of Appium?

where iIcan download the new Appium 1.4.0?


I am using appium 1.4.0. I entered the apk file but package lists are not shown