Appium 1.4.0 Release

Appium 1.4.0 is now released. We want to thank all the users who participated in beta release and reported regressions. Below is the change log for the release

###CHANGES IN VERSION 1.4 (from 1.3.7)


  • fix for broken ./ --dev due broken UICatalog build package in sample-code submodule
  • fix for issues with cookie encoding
  • updated sample code
  • updated documentation
  • updated test suite
  • deprecate node 0.10


  • support for iOS 8.3
  • deprecate iOS 6.1 and iOS 7.0 (support will be removed soon, probably 1.5)
  • deprecate Xcodes less than 6.3 (moving to support of latest versions only,
    and Xcode 6.3+ together allows automation of all supported iOS versions). The
    only exception to this is the combination of Xcode 6.0.1 + iOS 8.0.
  • fix for issues relating to finding xcode folder and Info.plist
  • new sever flag --instruments <path> to specify custom path to instruments commandLine tool
  • fix for getOrientation
  • fix for iOS crash log retrieval


  • fix for killing chromedriver on windows
  • fix for parsing java version correctly
  • support for searching elements by id without passing package name
  • requesting capabilities from server now returns correct deviceName and platformVersion for Android
  • fix for scrollTo
  • new capability disableAndroidWatchers
  • deprecated capability stopAppOnReset
  • new capability dontStopAppOnReset
  • fix a crash possibly encountered during extracting app strings
  • new server argument suppress-adb-kill-server
  • fix issue with keys(); now it correctly targets currently-focused element


  • Support for installApp, isAppInstalled and removeApp


  • Chormedriver version updated to 2.15
  • fix for driver.quit()
  • use the correct ADB path already identified by Appium


  • fix for handling real device object
  • fix for safariAllowPopups for iOS 8.x
  • reduce logging in remote debugger for real devices, and don’t use console.log
  • fix issues with SafariLauncher on real devices
  • fix execute_async so that it now works at all

Appium team


dmg installation file?

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@menypeled currently 1.4 is available only on appium server. We have an open ticket to launch 1.4 on dot-app and dot-exe soon!


can you explain the difference between the Appium server release & the & .exe (i was under the impression that it is the same thing).

@menypeled so appium server is which is a node application and other two are GUI clients for windows and mac.

Great work guys, I appreciate all the effort you’re putting into this! I’ll be helping out with the documentation myself soon as well! :slight_smile:

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any estimation to dmg release ?



I would also highly welcome the release of for OS X because of the iOS 8.3 support.


Great job guys! Thanks for the efforts you’ve put into develop Appium over the last couple of years.


Hi guys , anything new regarding the 1.4.0 release for mac ?


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Why is iOS 7.0 being deprecated? What’s different about 7.0 from 7..? Thx!

For GUI apps, follow:

This topic is about the server release.

The appium’s dmg file is still 1.3.7 please update it as well


Any ETA on appium dmg file?


common Appium guys , we are waiting :smiley:

Our iOS is set to 8.3 so we really depend on the 1.4 version that support it.
Any estimation for dmg?

Sorry for the delay. We ran into few issues. 1.4 dmg should be out soon, we are actively working on it.


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Is 1.4.0.dmg good to go ?
Can i upgrade my Appium ?