Appium 1.4.10 and xcode 7 Beta 5 Support on real device (IOS 8.4)

Hi -
I am trying to use Appium 1.4.10, xcode 7 Beta 5 and IOS 8.4 (Real device).

xcode 7 supports installation of app in your device without provisioning profile and am successfully able to do this using the xcode 7 beta 5 with my device IOS 8.4.

However when i am trying to do the same using Appium 1.4.10 facing some challenge the app is crashing after installation and while opening the app. It tries this for quite some attempt and then fails.

Thanks in advance!

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Oops my bad. I missed to enable the Developer > Enable UI Automation.

This is a good one from Apple you dont need a provisional profile to run your application in IOS real device.


Can you please confirm is it working for you? After enabling UI Automation option on mobile.

Xcode 7 Beta 5
Appium 1.4.10
Mac 10.10 or 10.11? which version are you using?

It works for me.

Mac 10.11