Appium 1.4.14 Released

Appium 1.4.14 has been released.

Changes from 1.4.13:

  • support for iOS9.2
  • fix for webview, resolving context issues in iOS9+


  • upgrade to Selendroid 0.17.0.

You can track dot-app release issue here and dot-exe release issue here.

I get fn is not a function when running appium :frowning:

Please create an issue on github and include your server logs.



I’ve downloaded 1.4.14 and built it on my mac system.

I’m running the Appium.dmg from 1.4.13 and using the “Use external Appium Package” which points to the new buid.

I’m attempting to use the “swipe” action on an android / cordova hybrid app by opening the inspector in the Appium app, changing to either the Native or webview context, and then attempting to execute the swipe.

The appium server logs that seem pertinent are:
info: [debug] Tried to execute non-existent mobile command ‘swipe’. Most mobile commands have been ported to official client library methods. Please check your Appium library for more information and documentation

Is there a way I can tell the Appium UI to use the newer swipe commands or something?

Dan B.

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could U tell me where to download Appim 1.4.14 ? I only find 1.4.13, but it doesn`t work when I test an app on 9.1 simulator

its not available yet see and