Appium 1.6.1 Beta Released

CHANGES IN VERSION 1.6.1-Beta (from 1.6.0)

NOTE: Appium 1.6.1 will be primarily a bug-fix release.

Appium 1.6.1 is the first release since bringing Appium into the JS Foundation
(see press release).

Much of the development energy has been spent on fixing issues that have come up
from the newly-integrated XCUITest and UI Automator 2 vendor-provided test

Known Problems in XCUITest implementation

  • Interacting with elements in LANDSCAPE mode


  • Add clearSystemFiles desired capability, to specify whether to delete any generated
    files at the end of a session (see iOS and Android entries for particulars)
  • Better handle signals for stopping server
  • Fix operation of Selenium 3 Grid
  • Log more of the proxied requests and responses, for better debugging
  • Better handle source mapping for IDE support
  • Move appium-doctor into globally-installed utility, not bundled with server
  • Add support for iOS 10.1
  • Add support for iOS 10.2 Beta 1
  • Add clearSystemFiles desired capability to specify whether to Core Simulator
    files, and Instruments (for iOS Driver) or XCUITest (for XCUITest Driver) generated files
  • Ensure correct files are tested when checking for Simulator newness
  • Map iPad Simulator deviceName to iPad Retina instead of discontinued iPad 2
  • Gracefully return when Webkit Remote Debugger doesn’t return on a real device
  • Better log errors from xcode handling
  • XCUITest driver
    • clean up logging to remove confusing “Waiting…” lines
    • Fix issue in which switching to NATIVE_APP would still proxy find commands to Remote debugger
    • Fix handling of Selenium Grids
    • Correctly handle long press so duration is respected
    • Add tapWithShortPressDuration desired capability to specify a length for tapping,
      if the regular tap is too long for the app under test
    • Add support for scrolling through Touch Actions
    • Make sure keyboard is available when keys are sent to Text Fields
  • Use ChromeDriver version 2.25
  • Correctly handle --suppress-adb-kill-server command line argument
  • Pass actual failure back when session fail and deleting the session also fails
  • Add clearSystemFiles desired capability to specify whether to delete temporary
    copies of the application under test at the end of the session
  • Fix issue where finding UI Automator process id would throw an error
  • UI Automator 2 driver
    • Fix handling of element attributes
    • Better handle element finding

How can we install it ?

Remove any old installation:

npm uninstall -g appium

And then install the beta:

npm install -g appium@beta

Is there an appium inspector in this version for IOS? can you run it through the GUI?

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Is there a rough estimate anywhere online(I haven’t yet found it) of when you think 1.6 will be out of beta?
My company is trying to estimate when we will be able to fully test iOS 10, 1 month, 3 month, 6 months?

@Ryan_Griffin this beta version does lot of good promises and might be sufficient for my needs. Gonna try it out.

@Ryan_Griffin it is already month NOT beta :-). Beta now is 1.6.1! nevertheless i checked it and using everywhere iOS and Android clients we have without much issues.

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if you are not using any of the fixes mentioned above yeah, maybe!

Is support for Toast message verification for the Android added in 1.6.1?

Is this is master now? appium master shows 1.6.2?

If I were to test appium-doctor now using command line?

How do you think I can run appium-doctor command to verify details of installation ?