[appium 1.6.3][Mac os] Installation fails

Hi there,

I’m trying to install latest version of appium (1.6.3) on Mac OS El Capitan (10.11.6) by using npm.
npm -v prints 4.0.5.
node -v prints 7.3.0.

The installation fails with the command npm install -g appium@latest --no-shrinkwrap with the error message:
info Chromedriver Install Installing Chromedriver version ‘2.26’ for platform ‘mac’ and architecture ‘64’
info Chromedriver Install Opening temp file to write chromedriver_mac64 to…
info Chromedriver Install Downloading https://chromedriver.storage.googleapis.com/2.26/chromedriver_mac64.zip
RequestError: Error: tunneling socket could not be established, cause=write EPROTO 140735159361536:error:140770FC:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:unknown protocol:…/deps/openssl/openssl/ssl/s23_clnt.c:794:

I have to use a proxy because of company restrictions.
I set the related parameters for npm:

npm config set strict-ssl false
npm config set registry “http://registry.npmjs.org/
npm config set proxy http://user:password@proxy:ip

Can anyone help me out?

npm uninstall -g appium

npm install -g appium

I wanted to install the UI Appium 1.6.3 , please let me know the link for installable.

click on the ‘download appium’ button

NOTE: the UI for MAC is 1.6.3, but not windows

I downloaded from given link on MAC but it is coming 1.5.3. Please let me know if I am wrong.

There is no official 1.6 UI released yet.

UI on MAC is 1.5.3, while from terminal you get:

‘appium -v’

Latest Appium Server version: 1.6.5

Latest Appium Desktop Stable version: 1.2.1

Appium Server Installation:

Appium Desktop Installation: