Appium 1.6.4 GUI opens up, but server not listening

Dear Community & Support,

I have become very fond of Appium lately. When I wanted to speed up my test process the other day, I wanted to try starting Appium on my mac, from the terminal.

I’ve used
/Applications/ --address --port 4723 --session-override

This opens up the GUI nicely, terminal indicating its ready state on the back. The server doesn’t seem to start listening to port 4723, however. What am I missing?
(I’ve looked at similar issues, but they seem to be about starting lib/main.js with node, which would also be an option for me, if I knew how to provide the arguments for it)

UPDATE (fallback solution):
I’ve installed the node module of the same version using
npm install [email protected] -g
The executable “appium”, although on a slightly obscure version path, runs with the given arguments and listens upon startup, as intended. If the original issue cannot be solved easily, I’ll fall back to using this approach.


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