Appium 1.6.4 hangs while running iOS Tests

Hi All,

I have noticed several times in past few days that Appium 1.6.4 Beta hangs while running iOS tests, has any one else noticed the same??

iOS simulator: suite running 2.5h - no problem.

I have not tried on simulator, but real device it hangs like after running 20 mins or so. I will attach Server log.

You can install appium-desktop v1.0.0 having appium 1.6.4 version, I am using the same for running iOS test on real device.

I restarted my mac mini and looks like issue is resolved, but I will make few more runs to confirm.

I reproduced it again today, haven opened a defect.

I upgraded to 1.6.5 Beta, and added capability maxTypeFrequency and have a decent Automation run till now.
Any one on what should be the right value of maxTypeFrequency?

I noticed the freeze again with maxTypeFrequency =5. on Appium 1.6.5 beta