Appium 1.6.4 Released

Appium 1.6.4 fixes numerous issues with the previous releases. This release
supports iOS 10.3 as well as Android 7.1.


  • Apple’s MacOS 10.12.4 update has broken the functioning of iOS 10.2 and below


  • Fix UnhandledPromiseRejection errors when running Appium with Node version 7
  • Better indicate missing necessary programs to users
  • Fix session creation logging
  • Fix server shutdown on SIGINT and SIGTERM signals
  • Ensure that all requests have application/json content-type
  • Add an event timing API to allow for monitoring of performance metrics such as
    time to session startup, simulator boot, etc. Add eventTimings capability
    to enable or disable


  • Fix issues with error handling in Safari/Webview handling
  • Increase simulator launch timeout for iOS 10+
  • Better handling of page selection in Safari
  • Fix memory usage issues when device logs get large
  • Add startIWDP capability to allow Appium to handle starting/stopping ios-webkit-debug-proxy
  • Fix problem where date returned from device was not parsable
  • Allow custom SafariLauncher bundle id to be passed in through bundleId capability
    during real device Safari tests, in case Xcode can no longer build the bundled one
  • Fix logging from real device in the case where the device data/time are different
    from the server

iOS - XCUITest

  • Changes the way the Appium checks that WebDriverAgent is running on the device,
    so that rather than searching the logs, the device is pinged until it is
    • Remove realDeviceLogger capability, since we no longer check the logs
  • Add useNewWDA capability, which forces uninstall of the WDA app from the
    device before each session
  • Add wdaLaunchTimeout capability, which specified the time, in ms, to wait
    for WDA to be loaded and launched on the device
  • Allow for the auto-generation of the Xcode config file used to configurable
    WDA before launch. This includes two new desired capabilities
    • xcodeOrgId - the Apple developer team identifier string
    • xcodeSigningId - a string representing a signing certificate, defaulting to
      “iPhone Developer”
  • Allow for automatic changing of bundle id for WDA in cases where a
    provisioning profile cannot be made for default bundle
    • add updatedWDABundleId capability to specify bundle id for which there is
      a valid provisioning profile
  • Speed up setting the value of text fields
  • Add wdaConnectionTimeout to control how long the server waits for WDA to
    allow connections
  • Fix handling of local port on real devices
  • Speed up Safari interactions
  • Fix session deletion to ensure that clean up happens
  • Add mobile: swipe execute method
  • Ensure that scrolling through mobile: scroll works in web context
  • Add class chain search strategy (see wiki)
  • Add maxTypingFrequency capability to set the speed of typing
  • Introduce new set of gestures to allow access to everything the underlying
    system can do (see docs)
  • Add allowTouchIdEnroll capability to enroll simulator for touch id
  • Use simctl to do simulator screenshots when possible
  • Fix handling of getting status so that it returns even when other commands
    are in progress, bypassing queue
  • Fix bug where commands in webviews would work, but not return for a long time
  • If showXcodeLog capability set, print out the contents of the xcodebuild log
    file at the end of the session (also after a failure/retry of the build, in
    such a case)


  • Default installation to ChromeDriver 2.28
  • Add device manufacturer, model, and screen size to session details
  • Fix bug in checking avd status on some systems
  • Allow wildcards in appWaitActivity capability
  • Fix issue where reboot would fail
  • Add new unlocking strategies (see docs)
  • Add androidNaturalOrientation capability to allow for correct handling of
    orientation on landscape-oriented devices
  • Allow backgrounding to be permanent
  • Dismiss Chrome welcome screen if --no-first-run Chrome option passed in
  • Fix Android command line tools for recent releases
  • Make network setting commands more reliable

Android - Selendroid

  • Fix handling of host binary configuration for more precise installation options

The Appium GUI ( will be updated with this release early next week.

When will you release the Mac OS desktop app version of this, appium-1.6.4.dmg ?

After using the: RunInBackground() method, the elements can’t be found, that’s works in 1.6.4-beta6