Appium 1.6.5 iOS 11 and Xcode 9 - RemoteViewBridge - access default app sdk like Photo, Email

App has access to import image from photo and other option is sending doc via email. In automation I could access photo and email options once my app loads the ui on init. This was working in iOS 10 and Xcode 8. Now, Upon upgrade the Xcode to 9 and iOS 11 the same app is not allowing me to access the element in Photo and Email. When I checked the element in Inspector, it shows me the entire Photo/Email page is RemoteViewBridge. Could you help me on this, how to fix this issue?

Appium 1.6.5
Xcode 9 Beta
iOS 11 beta and iPhone 7
Java-Client 5.0.0-BETA9

The same issue is reproducible with Appium 1.7.0, XCode 9.0 (released version), iOS 11 on iPhone 7, appium_lib 9.4.9. It’s not posssible to get the elements from the proxy screen inside the app (e.g. camera roll or icloud drive items page)

Is not Appium related issue. Is about iOS newest 11.0 and above.
Try to use iOS 10.3 until a fix will come up.

Hi guys, I am also facing the same issue… can any one tell me when this issue could be fixed?