Appium 1.6 dmg release

I am having difficulties upgrading my appium server in my mac from 1.5.3 to 1.6beta versions…
When is the release of the official 1.6 DMG version?
10x in advaance

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I would also appreciate 1.6 DMG download link.

I believe the team is working on a revamped version of appium desktop app on electron platform. Not sure if we will get it sooner. For now it’s command line only.

How can we get inspector using command line?

For now, I’m just using driver.getPageSource() to look at the xml layout myself. If you really need a UI, on Android there is the uiautomatorviewer that comes with the Android SDK. For iOS, not sure if Apple has anything like the Inspector.

how do we start the driver via command line? is there an appium console?

On Mac OSX, after you npm install Appium, just start it at the command line with something like:

appium --address --log-level info --log-timestamp --local-timezone

Xcode 8 + Appium 1.6 Beta (IOS Inspector - As Beta version doesn’t have GUI yet… ) we can use the below for inspecting the objects in IOS application

Option 1:


Execute your iOS test using Appium (by default it is expected to listen on http://localhost:4723) and set a breakpoint where you want to investigate the UI tree. Open/refresh iOS Inspector.html web page in your favourite web browser, wait for a while until the data is loaded and you are ready to go. The inspector currently supports showing of element attributes, element location by XPath and, naturally, two-way visual elements location using a screenshot and the UI tree.
Note: The Accessibility Id property can be presented as @name attribute in XPath expessions.

Change the default Appium server address if needed inside inspector.js file, APPIUM_ROOT constant.

Option 2:
System.out.println(driver.getPageSource()); - By this you can get the page source and you can extract the xpath using XML