Appium 1.6 Selenium Grid parallel execution of tests for iOS devices

Hi, folks!
I test a native app on iOS. For my testing purposes, I use Selenium Grid and it’s set up as described in Appium’s Selenium Grid docs:

          "browserName": "e.g._iPhone5_or_iPad4",
          "version": "version_of_iOS_e.g._7.1",
          "maxInstances": 1,

The Selenium Grid server matches capabilities to nodes using browserName, version, and platform. The session is then passed to the matching node and Appium looks for deviceName, platformName, and app. browserName capability being used as a way to specify the device or simulator for the Grid to match the node on (e.g. iPhone 5)
This approach perfectly worked for Appium version below 1.6.0

However for Appium 1.6.0 browserName capability allows to select an appropriate device, but runs safari browser instead of the native app.

Does anyone meet the same problems?