Appium 1.7.1 performance issues

More of a question I want to ask if anybody have had the same performance issues as I do.
For intance when I use find_elements to return an array it takes ages longer then my timeouts which are set at which is 30 seconds.

I use:
Appium: 1.7.1
Android Emulators
appium_lib gem 9.8.1

find elements methods take time

It used to be much faster than it currently is I mean over 10 seconds to find an array of elements is crazy

Found ou t it has to do with implicit wait, so there is no issue

You can as well check top voted answer for

I always keep implicit wait as little as possible say 5 seconds and add explicit wait to most of the elements; this makes execution much faster and more reliable

@VikramVI Thanks for the stack overflow link that answer really explained it well.
I keep my implicit wait on 1. Because I have a very large test suite performance is one of my top priorities.

Happy that it helped you as well :slight_smile:

@Dewald_Schoondewoerd one more suggestion, you should use open source framework named “Serenity” for appium along with BDD approach ( User Stories + Cucumber )

Refer to my demo project