Appium 1.7.2 Released


Appium 1.7.2 is a feature and bug fix release. It fixes many issues found in
earlier releases.


  • Fix memory leak in server logging
  • Add support for MacOS 10.13
  • Clean up logging to make messages more clear and useful
  • Add printPageSourceOnFindFailure to automatically log the current page source when finding an
    element or elements fails
  • Add ability to take screenshots of an element
  • Begin to handle Selenium W3C specification


  • Simulators
    • Clean up handling in Xcode 9
    • Add support for shake gesture (requires AppleScript)
    • Add support for custom geo locations (requires AppleScript)
    • Add possibility to clear caches
    • Make sure execution does not fail when trying to shut down simulators that
      are already shut down
  • Fix handling of source when within a frame/iframe, so that the source of the
    frame is retrieved instead of that of the top-most frameset
  • Fix error when unable to parse real device date/time, to return unparsable
    date rather than Invalid Date
  • Fix getting crash logs
  • Fix getting device logs in iOS 10+
  • Fix cleaning up of temporary files
  • Correctly handle device names for iPhone 7, 8 and X in Xcode 9
  • Fix screenshots for larger real devices
  • Fix runtime Xcode selection through DEVELOPER_DIR environment variable
  • Add useJSONSource desired capability to force Appium to use WDA JSON source
    and parse locally, to speed up source retrieval on larger devices
  • Fix file pushing/pulling so it works for simulators and real devices

iOS - Instruments-specific


  • Fix handling of install/upgrade of Appium helper apps (for settings manipulation
    and unlocking of devices)
  • Add support for Chromedriver 2.33 (which supports webviews on Android O)
  • Add showChromedriverLog desired capability to bring Chromedriver logs in-line
    in the Appium server logs
  • Fix error in stopping coverage when session failed to start
  • Add support for getting and setting animation state
  • Fix handling of size-limited text fields in API levels below 24
  • Add support for getting the current value of progress bars
  • Fix handling of initial orientation, and make sure no orientation is set if
    nothing is requested
  • Make sure all UiAutomator commands are properly handled
  • Ensure pageLoadStrategy capability is passed to Chromedriver
  • Add support to get currently running package name
  • Ensure non-working Chromedriver is correctly handled
  • Add password to retrievable element attributes
  • Fix locale/language setting
  • Add clearDeviceLogsOnStart desired capability, to clear adb logcat logs when the session is started
  • Add --relaxed-security, and mobile: shell access to adb

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Unfortunately, due to some changes in the way npm handles dependencies, this release will install the developer dependencies, so the size will be large. To get around this, use npm install -g appium --production.