Appium 1 Crash in IOS 16 with Xcode 14

Appium Crashed in middle of execution IOS 16, Appium 1.22. Not sure what could be the reason.
It detects a page change and then tries to one of those web pages and fails.
Then it makes an API reuqest to /alert/text and fails with this response

[WD Proxy] Got response with status 404: {“value”:{“error”:“no such alert”,“message”:“An attempt was made to operate on a modal dialog when one was not open”,“traceback”:“”},“sessionId”:“7F6BE60B-38DC-4788-AD3E-4A8D0C9D7A21”}

It keeps on trying calling this API again and again.

Sharing logsappium.txt (268.8 KB)

Maybe, you try operate with alert, but alert is not on the screen?
Without code, it’s too hard to find a reason.

You don’t say, but it’s probably because you are using Xcode 14 with iOS 16.

Better to use Appium 2:

Did you ever resolve this? Having exactly the same issue and is driving me crazy!