Appium 1.X "mobile: setCommandTimeout" alternative?

Looks like the new command timeout is now a runtime capability for Appium, whereas I used to previously be able to set it at any time with “mobile: setCommandTimeout”. Is there an alternative for changing this setting during an appium session?

One workaround I came up with is to poll a status check using a custom method:


  • Idle the app for specified amount of time to get around the 60-sec
  • Command timeout in Appium
  • @param timeoutMs - timeout in milliseconds
    public void idleApp(int timeoutMs) {
    logger.logInfo("Idling app for " + String.valueOf(timeoutMs) + “ms…”);
    int waitTime = 30000; //time to wait between status polling
    int retries = timeoutMs / waitTime;
    for (int i = 0; i < retries; i++) {
    logger.logDebug(“Sending status check to appium…”);