Appium 2.0 with C#

Hi Appium World!

Can you help with Docs of Appium with C#?

This is a good place to start for writing tests in C#.

Note that before you get to this stage, you’ll want to be able to get your app running and viewable in Appium inspector. This is done before you write any C# code and you can use non language specific information on the net to get to that point.

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Thanks @iparry7979 for the link.
I’ve setup the Appium Inspector.
Only thing is that I am new with C# Language.
It would be really appreciable if you can provide code for Appium 2.0 with C#.

The first thing you need to do is to create a new solution and add the Appium.WebDriver nuget package. Then decide which test framework you want to use (MSTest, NUnit etc) and install the required NuGet packages for that.

As far as example code is concerned there is plenty available on the web as well as getting started guides. Are you familiar with other languages and programming concepts such as object oriented programming, inheritance etc?

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yes i am familiar with java language. only thing is that i have to execute C# code on Appium 2.0 for both android and iOS devices.
I know that community support for C# with Appium 2.0 is null.
But my manager wants it as company has microsoft .net ecosystem.

It is Good?

I am also new to .Net. How to activate the wait plugin if I start the appium server programmatically?

hi @shiv1.
Sharing the code to start appium server programatically with plugin (gesture-plugin) in Java.
Check if the similar works in C# and let me know.