Appium 2 commandline

After installing V2 and eventually just getting rid of the GUI server (the gui server has it’s own outdated IOS Facebook web driver for some reason), I now want to start appium from commandline, since signing the webdriver built into the GUI launcher is a too much of a confusing juggle act.

I have installed using nmp install -g appium@next, and then grabbed the drivers.
command supports -a and -p args, but when you run
appium -help it’s not listing these as recognized parameters. Without reading the source code (my java reading is terrible) how do I know how to add a ‘path’ = /wd/hub to the parameters? I tried appending the path to the --address and the --port, but the error messages are not giving many clues. How do I go

appium --port 4723 --address --path /wd/hub

Funny, I had a very similar issue back in October:

Answer is to use parameter:


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You are so awesome! This really helps with my migration efforts from appium1 to appium2, I’m trying to write an appium-2 API wrapper with some switchover logic that looks like my old wrapper, so I don’t have to change too much test code and still keep people who are on xcode13 from breaking. I never wrote our old wrapper, so it’s more work than I as planning, but this helps a load to simplify the code so I can carry on running appium1 and not create more general risk for my team while I port and build new machines on appium2.

Tell your boos, I said they need to give you a raise.

you could use appium server --help to see available server command line parameters

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