Appium 5.0.0-beta01 & Selenium 4.0.1-Not able to launch android driver using AppiumLocalService()

Hi, I am trying to achieve parallelism in the android automation framework. Can anyone please guide me on how to achieve it, as I am unaware of it and this is my very own attempt.
Please suggest how to achieve parallel execution of Test cases in .NET android automation framework for nightly automation using Appium 5.0.0-beta01 version and Selenium 4.0.1.

Need help with the implementation of 2 things:
1. To start multiple Appium servers on any available free port via automation and android driver instantiation on them.

I have implemented using Class AppiumLocalService but the application is not able to launch android driver with error “OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: 'The session identified by c6dc0b0d-0d71-40cd-aa7b-7f4fea66c5f2 is not known”:

Please find below args I have passed to launch the driver:
var args = new OptionCollector().AddArguments(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("–base-path", “/wd/hub”));
_appiumLocalService = new AppiumServiceBuilder().WithIPAddress(“”).UsingAnyFreePort().WithArguments(args).Build();

AndroidDriver _androidDriver = new AndroidDriver(_appiumLocalService, appiumoptions, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(120));

2.To start multiple emulators programmatically and to execute parallel test suits on each emulator and their integration with Appium server instances

Thanks a lot.

Sounds like you need Selenium Grid:

One option is to use selenium grid as mentioned above or selenoid with Android images.
The second option will be using appium 2.0 for further information please see :