Appium - ADB - Windows Bluescreen

Currently, I try to automate a Test suite on multiple Android devices and desktop browser.
The problem is, when I run 4 or more Tests in parallel, after some time (few hours, with more tests it crashes faster) I get a Bluescreen. I circumscribed the problem and found out that it’s the adb.exe.
I wrote some code with I can reproduce the BSOD in a few Minutes.
Basically I wrote a class that starts a Runtime that starts “adb kill-server” - “adb start-server” - “adb devices” in a loop with Thred.sleep between. So it is similar to Appiums behaviour.
I start this class multiple times in parallel, with more than 6 instances it crashes in a few minutes.

I use Windows 7 and the framework is writne in Java.
Maybe someone has an idea how to solve this.
Or how do you run multiple devices in parallel.

I would guess it’s a problem with Windows 7, since blue screens occur when the Windows OS encounters a fatal bug. If the problem really is with Win 7, then I suggest asking asking for help on a Windows support forum instead. No operating system should ever crash due to userspace applications doing their userspace things, repeatedly. :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you have a copy of what the text on the blue screen says?

Here is a bsod example.
But mostly it says something about “Memory Management” somewhere at the top.

It says there should be a memory dump somewhere on your disk. You might want to take a look around on your filesystem for this dump. You definitely want to hold on to that file to troubleshoot your issue. Maybe show it to someone who can properly help you.

A little web searching for “tdx.sys blue screen” on your favorite search engine might lead you to some better results. As an example, this is the second search result for me.