Appium and Wkwebview

Hi Team,

Currently we use Appium for our IOS Automation and working fine with webview until IOS 7 devices. But for IOS 8 devices, its not working fine with wkwebview.

Can you please let me know if Appium supports for ios 8 devices with wkwebview?

Amy help on this will be very much grateful.


Interesting, @jlipps is it a desirable feature?

Thanks for the response,

Yes we are using IOS8 devices and wkwebview, so that i want to know if anyone has any idea how to try automation in it.

PLease let me know if you need more info on it.


does wkwebview not support the remote debugger? that’s what we use to talk to the webview

+1 … Appium doesn’t seem to be aware of wkwebview contexts. I can interact with these webviews with Safari’s web inspector however. This is a blocker for testing hybrid webapps.

Does being able to access the wkwebview with Safari’s web inspector imply that the remote debugger is supported? Possibly related:


It probably doesn’t matter, but I’m using Appium-Python_Client 0.20.

I’m blocked by this as well. Are there any plans for Appium to support wkwebview?

Not able to inspect WKwebview in appium.
Any solution to work with WKwebview with iOS 11 ?

Using Appium 1.7.2 server
iOS 11.2
Xcode 9.2


Any update here?
We too are using latest Appium(Server 1.7.2) with iOS 11.2 for automation.
It does’nt seem to recognize html elements inside the WkWebView.


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Hi Guys, Do you have any further update on this? Thanks

Have you tried with appium 1.8.1? I remember that on iOS (with Apppium 1.7.2) I couldn’t see any content in webView.

I am unable to see wkwebviews on iOS 11 with appium 1.10.0.Can any one please tell me how to make it work?