Appium Android, Scroll not working when multiple tabs available


In this image, i have 3 tabs :
The first code, i worked on the very top left tab and everything worked good !
But when i started to work on the second tab (the top middle one), i can’t scroll !
P.S : i am using the same scroll code for both first and second tab (it’s working on left tab but not the same in the middle one - in the left tab it scrolls, in the middle one it clicks) ???
Whenever i try to scroll, it only clicks on the middle tab instead of scrolling, i don’t know why this is happening but i can’t find any support about this problem !
Do i have to switch to something ? context ? window ? Anything ?
I tried the :
scrollForward - scrollToEnd - flingForward - flingToEnd (even Backward)
But all of these scrolls only clicks on the middle tab instead of scrolling !
Any idea pls ?

@Soufiane_El_Himani, Hi

Can you please share the scroll execution code with me?