Appium-Android tests without Emulators (Workarounds?)

I’m using Appium for my company’s Automation Testing Framework. However, the company won’t allow me to download an Android Emulator (or even install HAXM) b/c of 3rd party issues.

How may I set up my Appium-Tests without the need for an emulator?

I understand that it is similar to Selenium WebDriver that it needs to visually emulate the task. But, if there’s a workaround, I’d appreciate it.

Preferably, I like to use Eclipse IDE. But, if you can only provide solutions with Android Studio or IntelliJ, I’ll be just as happy.

Try using a real device instead.

Thank you for your response. But, my company doesn’t have such an option available.

Are there methods to bypass any phone usage? No emulator or real device.

How to test on Android without Android… Gim’me more of that wonderful stuff.

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Exactly how I feel haha.

As long as there’s a way to log the results, that would be great.

For example, I heard Selenium WebDriver can be run w/o opening the actual browser window.

Would the same be possible with Appium since it relies on Selenium Webdriver api?

Headless technologies are still based on the same engines. For Android Roboelectric library might be a direct analogue from this perspective, but it is used for unit/integration testing rather than end to end one.

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Thank you and sounds like something I’ll look into.

But, if you find something related to Appium, let me know and I’ll look into it too.

Thank you for your help.