Appium - Android UiAutomator Regex Issue

I need to scroll and select the element with text/description using UiAutomator

Example: Consider Android Settings Application
if Text need to find is Sound & Notification, i need to find the element with text contains Sound,Notification words. So I went to regex to find the Element

UiAutomator Code:

Not able to fineElement with below uiautomator code

new UiScrollable(new UiSelector().resourceIdMatches("^.scrollableViewResoruceId.$")).scrollIntoView(new UiSelector().textMatches("^(?i)(?=.*\bsound\b)(?=.*\bnotification\b).*$").instance(0));

Note: resourceId may change based on OS version

Im able to find the Element without scrolling using below code

new UiSelector().textMatches("^(?i)(?=.*\bsound\b)(?=.*\bnotification\b).*$").instance(0);

When I checked in the UiSelector Source code in the below link

UiSelector class using Java Pattern Class for regex

So I tried to check regex using Pattern and Matcher Class

String textToFind=Sound & Notification
Pattern pattern=Pattern.compile("^(?i)(?=.*\bsound\b)(?=.*\bnotification\b).*$");
Matcher matcher=pattern.matcher(textToFind);

Matcher class find the text

Can anyone help me on this?