Appium AWS-Device Farm issues


I have been trying to test my app using AWS device farm.

I have both native iOS and native Android Version

my tests work locally perfectly, but online I kept getting the following error on both Android and iOS:

TEST failed: Could not start a new session. Possible causes are
invalid address of the remote server or browser start-up failure.
Build info: version: ‘2.48.2’, revision:
‘41bccdd10cf2c0560f637404c2d96164b67d9d67’, time: ‘2015-10-09
13:08:06’ System info: host: ‘ip-10-0-221-27’, ip: ‘’, ‘Linux’, os.arch: ‘amd64’, os.version: ‘3.13.0-53-generic’,
java.version: ‘1.7.0_75’ Driver info: driver.version: AndroidDrive

can anybody help?

You might need to ask that whether the appium server at AWS device farm is enabled with --session-override.

is it possible for me to do it manually?
are you fimiliar with the error am facing ?
because Appium is still under preview in AWS-device farm and they said to expect few failures
not to mention that it is relatively new and not much support online, on the other hand the documentation assumes that the world is perfect
can you elaborate on your suggestion ?

no @Bob.selfdrvn actually i gave you suggestion based on my experience with other cloud env. but not AWS device farm. Will get back to you if i will get anything.
:slight_smile: happy testing

thank you :smiley: Waiting for your feedback :wink:

Any solution for this?
i am also facing same and new to aws device farm

If your using python / pytest try make sure you delete all of your pycache files