Appium / BDD setup for mobile QA automation

Hi all,

I am setting up a QA platform with Appium…
I also want to use a Gherkin Language for BDD

does the appium + java + cucumber + jenkins
have the same funcionality/capabilities as the:
appium + ruby + cucumber + jenkins setup ?

Thanks in advance for your time :slight_smile:

We too have the same setup in place for mobile automation testing and until now we have not found any major issues that cannot be tackled. We are also using TestNG on top of Cucumber java + BDD + Appium.
I would be happy to help in case you have any specific questions around this

Thanks for your reply intelloScooby ! my research until now confirms your answer also…
So im probably going to go the Java way… .

I was just thinking of giving Ruby a try because the code is “neater”
but I am willing to trade “neatness” for extra functionality

I’m curious, are you making a transition from Calabash to Appium? It seems like Calabash lines up more closely to what you’re working with.

Hi Ben,

No im not transitioning…
Ive checked Calabash but I dont want to add any code to the ios and android projects of the app…
ive been checking around and it seems that Appium has a much bigger community and documentation etc…

Hi IntelloScooby,

Kindly share detail, how you use TestNG on top of Cucumber Java + BDD + Appium. What is the advantage of using TestNG with Cucumber Java.

A very nice example has been given on cucumber github page.

you can follow above link.

We have used similar approach to what is mentioned in the link that @Priyank_Shah shared. The advantage of using TestNG with Cucumber is you can leverage the Before/After Suite, Before/After Test, etc. which was something we needed in our project.
Also, with TestNG it is super easy to pick and choose tests and combine them into test suites using xml. These were the primary reasons why we chose to use TestNG on top of Cucumber.

I hope this helps.



I know your responses are old but they are perfect (as I was going to ask if I could do BDD under a TestNG umbrella).

Thanks for your answers regarding this mate.

I was going to ask the the same question myself today.


Thanks! I am glad this was helpful to you.

Have a great day! :relaxed:

Please I need help with setting up this framework